The Need for a Proper Bike Lock


More people use their bikes within the city because it can help avoid traffic and it is a lot quicker to maneuver. But the issue here is when parking time is here, a lot of bike owners come back to their spot where they park their bike and notice that the bike is already gone. There is a wide range of bike locks to choose from in the market but choose wisely because some bike locks are quite easy to pick. You have to choose the best and most durable bike lock you can find to protect your bike in a bike theft area like yours. A thin cable lock is probably fine for a town with minimal crime.

But with a crime filled place, thin cables can be easily cut with a bolt cutter. You have to know that with a casual type of theft, thin cable locks will prevent people from borrowing your bike without asking. When you visit a more theft prone area, make sure you brought with you a steel U-lock which is quite durable, all you have to do is put it in your frame and around the front tires and around a pole or something that is strong and is not moving. By bringing an extra U-lock, this will help you from extreme theft areas which will lock down the rear wheel, making it even harder for the thief to ride away with your bike. You can just put some additional cable or even better, take the bike with you if you do not want it to be stolen. Get the best bike lock here!

Lock down your seat with cable because some thieves are stealing bike seats, it is crazy but it is a fact. Make sure that you replace the seat with something that requires an allen wrench to remove it just to make sure that you avoid a stolen bike seat and have the whole bike chained down. A lot of bike locks do not come cheap right now. But if you think about it, a stolen bike is way more expensive than buying a good bike lock. If you have no clue about the current bike situation in the area, go ask some people around. For bike owners who had stolen bikes, they would go straight to the bike shop and ask for a new bike, this is where you can get a lot of information about stolen bikes. You may also watch and gather more ideas at

As soon as you get to know the current situation in the area, you can finally start buying the uncuttable bike locks you need for protection.


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